RIDIC. & The Hive at The Liaison Collaborative

New stuff available at The Liaison Collaborative! This event runs until February 28th. (It’s closing early this round due to exciting stuff happening with it next month!)



The West Set from The Hive, comes as a set or sold in individual pieces. Each item is 1-3 land impact. Candles turn on and off on touch.



And the No Angel pose from RIDIC. This pose includes the necktie prop, enjoy!


RIDIC. & The Hive at ROMP Fresh

New stuff available at ROMP Fresh! This event runs until February 19th.


Cabinet of Curiosities from The Hive. The doors open/close on touch, and all accessories shown are included. Comes in 4 different colors, all available for sale individually.



Take pose from RIDIC. is also available at ROMP Fresh, enjoy!